I run 4-hour workshop at a time and place that suits you.

Aim: The courses are aimed at girls, teenagers and adult women. The classes will involve discussion on emotional boundaries, personal awareness and space and the fight, flight or freeze scenarios. We will work through drills on how to keep people out of your personal space i.e "Leave me alone" (the power of the voice). And as the course advances we will move on to striking moves that come naturally to women, acting on instinct, moving on to ground work, defending yourself from your knees or if you are in the lying position. We hope to give students enough on-course practice to help them deal with situations differently and with more confidence should they occur.

This is a self-defence class not a fitness class - women of all fitness levels are welcome.

Image of two women practising self defence

Instructors: The course will be run by Sarah O’Donnell, an experienced martial artist (you’re in safe hands!). Sarah is a 3rd degree black belt in kickboxing, a qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor and has up-to-date CPR and First Aid training.

Level: This is a beginner course and all encompassing. Whether you're a stay-at-home mum or work in a busy office environment, suffer from low self-esteem or have been assaulted in the past, a schoolgirl who has suffered bullying or those that walk/ride to and from school, this course is suitable for all.

Exposure: We will discuss the nature of our country, and others, with different kinds of crime and reasoning. We will discuss real threats and real consequences to create awareness. Different locations an attack can happen. Different kinds of attacks. What one could use as a weapon; usual household objects.

Venue: Convenient to the specific group.

Duration: 4 hours.

Clothing: Please dress in suitable and comfortable clothing (i.e. gym clothes and running/sports shoes.)

For more information:
Call Sarah on 08187 02092
Whatsapp 07959 12909
email albertonkickboxing@gmail.com